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About Me

About me

Professional Photographer, Instructor, Traveller, Foodie

Ever since I was a kid playing in Mexico, I remember looking at some images that made me feel great.

When I was 11, I had the opportunity to travel to Niagara, where I saw an amazing image of the Falls, which were frozen, with incredible colours.

At that time I realized that my love for photography was more than just a hobby.

I had the opportunity to study photography in New England and have worked as a photographer for more than 25 years in different areas such as: Sports, Commercial, Editorial, Food and Illustration, among others.

I'm a Google Trusted Photographer based in Vancouver.

With photo studios in Vancouver, Canada and Mexico City, and fluent in English and Spanish, I can help you with all your photographic needs in all the countries in America, always delivering quality work on time.

Professional Photography Services

In Studio and on Location

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Certified Google Trusted Photographer

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